Many of the Topographic Survey projects we do at Carroll Engineering (CEI) have a Boundary Survey component. Any time work is being proposed near the edge of a property, a thorough and accurate Boundary Survey is required to ensure that property lines and property line setbacks are respected. Often utility easements encumbering the property will need to be identified and located. CEI has provided Boundary Survey services to many of the school, commercial and residential projects over the years. Boundary Surveys must be performed under the guidance and supervision of a Licensed Land Surveyor. Carroll Engineering has been proud to be able to provide this service in-house with our own California Licensed Land Surveyor, Philip C. Wotton, licensed since 2008. Philip has provided License Land Surveying services on hundreds of projects in the four years since joining the firm. In addition to providing Boundary services for our topographic and engineering projects, CEI also does many stand-alone boundary projects such as Major and Minor Subdivisions, Records of Survey, Corner Records, and Lot Line Adjustments.