Kimberly Stewart

Bookkeeper & Office Administrator
BS Fruit Science, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

I started working as a bookkeeper to pay my way through college. I realized that I had a natural ability with numbers and problem solving, so after completing my degree in Fruit Science, I chose to continue working in the financial accounting field.

I joined the Carroll Engineering team in 2017 and only planned to work here for a short time because I want to sail around the world. The Partners at Carroll Engineering were gracious enough to allow me to set up systems that have made it possible to continue working for them remotely. The systems were first tested in 2018, when I sailed to Bahia Tortugas, Mexico and worked from a tiny internet café. Since then, I’ve worked from many cities in multiple countries, and I look forward to working in many more as I continue my journey around the world.

I love the ocean, traveling, sailing, fishing, food, whiskey, music, dancing, playing games and adventure!