Will Kaufman

Assistant Land Surveyor
BS GIS with a Philosophy minor, University of California Santa Barbara

Ever since my first project with Carroll Engineering at Great America, Santa Clara, nearly every project has been memorable in some way or another. Between the several different types of surveying we do, I’ve had to grow and learn in order to adapt to the job requirements at hand. The spectrum of work we provide always keeps the job fresh and exciting, with an excellent balance of fieldwork with some time in the office to draft.

By contrast my personal life is mostly spent online, with the occasional adventure into nature or to the beach. Whether it’s working for individual homeowners on boundary work, staking out load bearing columns for construction sites, or surveying a campus during school hours, I strive to provide high accuracy while being flexible with our clients schedules and preferences. Seeing finished projects I’ve contributed to is becoming more and more commonplace, and it’s very satisfying to know that we are actively improving our community.