Kimberly Murray, PE

Associate Engineer
BS Civil Engineering , Michigan State University

MS Civil and Environmental Engineering, Wayne State University

My previous experience involved road and bridge design and construction. I’ve been with Carroll Engineering since 2015, primarily working on school projects with a few other multi-family and community center projects.

Following a project through the design and construction process is rewarding in itself. There’s always something to learn throughout the entire process. Every individual project creates lessons and ideas of what can be passed on or improved upon into the next. There’s always room to grow.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, fitness and just being active. I love being outside, although I spend many hours inside of ice rinks and on the sideline of gyms and playing fields, watching my kids do what they love. I thoroughly love watching my kids compete at their individual passions. I’ve lived in Michigan, Alberta, Canada, New York, Nashville, Helsinki, Finland & Innsbruck, Austria. Skiing and hiking in the alps has probably been the highlight of my life.