Custom Home Site in Los Gatos

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    Residential / Community / Worship

Carroll Engineering provided topographic and boundary surveys and site and off-site design for an approx. 16,600 sq. ft. home on 2.8-acres in Los Gatos in the County of Santa Clara.

The project included obtaining site and architectural approval from the County of Santa Clara. Preliminary and final grading plans and Storm Water Management Plans were processed through the County Planning & Engineering department.

The design including extensive geometric layout of the home, site amenities for a pool, playground, sports courts and circular driveway while saving trees and other site features.

Grading and drainage and utility plans were prepared and processed through the County of Santa Clara as were off-site minor street improvements. The grading and drainage plans required the preparation of a Storm Water Management Plan and Notice of Intent which included design of storm water runoff treatment facilities.

We worked closely with the architect, landscape architect and owner to be certain the design requirements were met.