Heights Elementary School

Heights Elementary School, Pittsburg – Provided Civil Design services from master planning to construction administration for this new Elementary School in Pittsburg Unified School District. Key Civil Engineering Elements include: Terracing site with walls and ramps to account for sloping site, 100% Storm water treatment design utilizing large bioretention/ detention basins, phased project to allow existing campus to remain during new building construction, parking and parent drop off safety and circulation analyses, street improvement plans.

San Jose Evergreen Community College District – San Jose City College

Carroll Engineering has been involved with various projects for San Jose City College which included a new parking lot design at the southwest side of the campus (including striping plan), the Laswell Avenue Parking Lot adjacent to the Cosmetology/ Reprographics Building (including striping plan), and SJCC Cosmetology/Reprographics Conversion project.

Carroll Engineering also provided topographic surveys, civil engineering design and construction administration for the new Multi-use and Arts Buildings and surrounding walkways and landscape surfaces.

All of the projects required the preparation of site plans and final construction documents consisting of Grading & Drainage Plans, Underground Utilities Plans (for storm and sanitary sewers), Horizontal Control Plans, Erosion Control Plans, Demolition Plans, and Notes & Details for construction. C3 BMP measures were included in the design with bio-swales where needed. New on-site storm and sanitary systems were connected to existing systems on-site for the Cosmetology/Reprographics Conversion project. Division 2 specifications were prepared.

Campbell Union High School District – Performing Arts Centers

Carroll Engineering participated with the design team for the construction of Performing Arts Centers (PAC) at five high schools in the Campbell Union High School District: Branham High School, Leigh High School, Del Mar High School, Prospect High School and Westmont High School. The projects began in 2008 and were completed in late 2010. Topographic surveys were completed at each school site and utilized for the design of the PAC’s. Each project consisted of the addition of the building, adjacent pavement and landscaping, walkways and realignment of frontage road in some instances. Civil plans consisted of Demolition Plans, Grading Plans, Underground Utilities Plans, Horizontal Control Plans, and Notes & Details. Erosion Control Plans were also included. Plans for each site showed drainage courses and new storm drains to existing storm drains on-site. Sanitary sewers and domestic water were designed based on existing systems on each site. Rerouting of fire lines was included.

Christopher High School

Carroll Engineering was part of the design team involved in the design and construction of a new high school in the Gilroy Unified School District. The project began in 2006 and was completed and opened in September 2010. The campus was constructed on a 50-acre site in the City of Gilroy. Carroll Engineering provided topographic and boundary surveys which were used to prepare a Preliminary Master Grading Plan and Utility Plan of the entire project for use in preparing final detailed construction documents. Storm Water detention basins were located and shown in the Master Grading Plan phase. On-site plans were prepared which consisted of Grading Plans, Underground Utilities Plan (storm, sanitary sewer and domestic water), and horizontal dimension plans.

Off-Site Design included preparation of plans in the City of Gilroy format for storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water mains and lateral connections and complete frontage improvements for Santa Teresa Boulevard, Christopher Court, Day Road and a sanitary sewer along Lyons Creek. Carroll Engineering processed the same through the City for approval. Erosion Control plans and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Notice of Intent were prepared for the District’s and contractor’s use. Carroll Engineering also coordinated with the Santa Clara Valley Water District to obtain approvals for outfalls to Lyons Creek.

Custom Home Site in Los Gatos

Carroll Engineering provided topographic and boundary surveys and site and off-site design for an approx. 16,600 sq. ft. home on 2.8-acres in Los Gatos in the County of Santa Clara.

The project included obtaining site and architectural approval from the County of Santa Clara. Preliminary and final grading plans and Storm Water Management Plans were processed through the County Planning & Engineering department.

The design including extensive geometric layout of the home, site amenities for a pool, playground, sports courts and circular driveway while saving trees and other site features.

Grading and drainage and utility plans were prepared and processed through the County of Santa Clara as were off-site minor street improvements. The grading and drainage plans required the preparation of a Storm Water Management Plan and Notice of Intent which included design of storm water runoff treatment facilities.

We worked closely with the architect, landscape architect and owner to be certain the design requirements were met.

3 Single Family Homes

Carroll Engineering provided boundary and topographic surveys and on and off-site design for 3 custom single family homes on Booksin Avenue in San Jose.

We provided surveys to subdivide the existing parcels to accommodate the new homes, including geometric layouts for the 3 new homes to fit the lots. Tentative and final parcel maps were processed through the City.

Grading and Drainage Plans were provided including individual lot grading designs.

Further work will be the final grading, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and C3 design for the site and complete new street frontage improvements for Blossom Hill Road and Snell Avenue including a new sanitary sewer lateral to Snell Avenue.

Casa Feliz Studios – 4-story, 60 Unit Residential Project

Carroll Engineering provide on-site and off-site surveys and design, including off-site public street improvements for this LEED certified single room occupancy low income housing project in downtown San Jose.

It has 60 units above grade over underground parking on a 0.34 acre site. This made for an interesting driveway access as well as storm drain disposal. The project included a green roof to mitigate the storm drain requirements.

Off-site public street improvements were included.

The project also required tentative and parcel map preparation to combine existing underlying lots into one single lot.

Carroll Engineering received an award for “Site Design for Storm Water Quality for Exemplary Private Project – Large Residential” features at the site.

Bascom City of San Jose Library & Community Center

Carroll Engineering provided boundary and topographic surveys for this appx. 2-acre site to accommodate the design of a new 44,943 sq. ft. Library and Community Center.

We also provided complete grading and drainage plans, underground utility plans for storm, sanitary and water systems, and minor off-site improvement plans for Bascom Avenue and Del Mar Avenue in San Jose.  The drawings included complete geometric layout plans as well.

C3 Storm Water Management Plans were also prepared.  The C3 plans incorporated the use of pervious pavements to mitigate runoff concerns.

The project was LEED certified.

Branham & Kirk Office/Retail Building

Carroll Engineering provided complete boundary and topographic surveys for this 0.56-acre site and public street frontage in preparation for a new 6,987 sq. ft. building and parking areas.

The project required new storm drain and sanitary sewer laterals to Branham Lane crossing an existing 16 inch diameter water main.  This required exposing the water main to determine its exact location and gaining approval from the local water purveyor for the crossing, and all to accommodate the elevation of the on-site utility requirements.

Final grading and underground utility plans and C3 Storm Water Management Plans were prepared as well as complete new frontage improvements for Branham Lane and Kirk Avenue and all processed through the City of San Jose for approval.

Blossom Hill & Snell Office/Retail Building

Carroll Engineering provided site development permit documentation and processing through the City of San Jose Planning department including C3 storm water design, preliminary grading, underground and off-site improvement plans for the new 7,970 sq. ft. building and parking areas.

We also provided complete boundary and detailed topographic surveys of the one half acre site and half streets of Blossom Hill Road and Snell Avenue in order to complete the design plans.  The survey included underground utility surveys to better determine existing utilities at the existing gas station site.

Further work will be the final grading, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and C3 design for the site and complete new street frontage improvements for Blossom Hill Road and Snell Avenue including a new sanitary sewer lateral to Snell Avenue.