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Carroll Engineering has been involved with various projects for San Jose City College which included a new parking lot design at the southwest side of the campus (including striping plan), the Laswell Avenue Parking Lot adjacent to the Cosmetology/ Reprographics Building (including striping plan), and SJCC Cosmetology/Reprographics Conversion project.

Carroll Engineering also provided topographic surveys, civil engineering design and construction administration for the new Multi-use and Arts Buildings and surrounding walkways and landscape surfaces.

All of the projects required the preparation of site plans and final construction documents consisting of Grading & Drainage Plans, Underground Utilities Plans (for storm and sanitary sewers), Horizontal Control Plans, Erosion Control Plans, Demolition Plans, and Notes & Details for construction. C3 BMP measures were included in the design with bio-swales where needed. New on-site storm and sanitary systems were connected to existing systems on-site for the Cosmetology/Reprographics Conversion project. Division 2 specifications were prepared.